Change for Survival

The actual age of an eagle is 70 years. But to live 70 years, it has to go under one test at the age of 40’s.
It’s long and flexible talons can no longer grab or catch the prey which serves as food. It’s long and sharp beak becomes bent. Its wings become thick which makes difficult to fly.
The eagle left with two options. One is to die with that heavy useless body or to get rid of those heavy parts which take 150 days of the painful process.
To start the painful process, it will fly to a mountain top and starts hitting its beak and talons against a rock until it plucks it out. It will wait for few days so that new beak and talons will grow. With its new talons, it will start plucking its old heavy feathers. It will take nearly 5 months to grow new feathers. This painful process helps the eagle to live next 30 years happily.

Inspirational Short Stories

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