Believe in your actions

Once there was a village which was hit by drought. If it continues for next 6 months, then there won’t be anyone living. They are in desperate need of rain. So the village elders requested the church pastor to conduct prayers.
So the date was announced and all were gathered in the church for prayers. As the church pastor is going towards the stage, many people were talking about the drought, politics, future, rains etc. As he reached to the first row, he saw a small girl sitting quietly and holding an umbrella in her hands.
The pastor smiled at her and said to the congregation, “We all came here to pray for rain, but none of us brought an umbrella. This small girl had faith and brought it.”

Inspirational Short Stories

I am Paul Joshua working as a Technical Writer. I love writing small stories which inspires me and an inspiration to many. This is the blog which have many of them which definitely inspires you. Happy Reading Fellas.

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