Count your blessings

Ruth and Mary were two young mothers who are living in adjacent houses. Both have balconies to have a good view of the neighbor's house. They were as good friends they used to share everything.

One day Ruth said, “I envied you because your husband keeps your garden beautiful. The way he is taking care of the garden is very nice”.

Mary said, “I envied you too, because the way your husband plays with your children is really good. He knows the value of children more than plants. But my husband cares garden more than children”.

Mary continued, “Be honest Ruth. Would you rather have your husband play with your son than having a well-manicured lawn?”

Ruth said, “You are right, Mary. I may have tall unlevelled grass, but my husband is right about spending time with family”.

Inspirational Short Stories

I am Paul Joshua working as a Technical Writer. I love writing small stories which inspires me and an inspiration to many. This is the blog which have many of them which definitely inspires you. Happy Reading Fellas.

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