Lessons from a Dog

A dog teaches us a lot of story with his behavior. Often we overlook them. Here are the few good things which we can learn from a dog:
v  Be faithful and obedient to your master.
v  Run to greet your loved ones.
v  Never say NO to your loved ones for jogging and roaming.
v  Play daily.
v  Drink more water and stay under the shade on hot days.
v  Eat happily and stop eating when you had enough food.
v  Never pretend to be something which you’re not.
v  Keep your bed clean before you sleep.
v  When your loved ones having a bad day, be silent, sit close and nuzzle them gently.
v  When you’re happy, dance around.
v  No matter how many times you’re scolded by your loved ones, show them the same love.
v  Stretch your body before rising.
v  Always have a mind of helping others.
v  Experience the fresh air while traveling.
v  Always be active and happy.
v  If you are unhappy, share it with your loved ones.

Inspirational Short Stories

I am Paul Joshua working as a Technical Writer. I love writing small stories which inspires me and an inspiration to many. This is the blog which have many of them which definitely inspires you. Happy Reading Fellas.

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