Mother's Love

Here is a small real incident which happened to many of us in our lives. This small story highlights the mother’s love but not ignoring other’s love like father, siblings, and friends.
When I came to home after fully drenched in rain, these are the reactions from our family members:
Brother: Hmm…. Again you forgot to take an umbrella? Why didn't you call me for help?
(He is eagerly waiting for my phone call to know where I am, so that he can come and pick me)
Sister: You don’t have patience. Can’t you wait till rain stopped? Tomorrow you will call me to massage your head. I will not do it this time.
(Of course, she will do it because she can’t see me suffering)
Father: Last week only you recovered from fever. You are growing, behave accordingly.
(He is the one who got the first thought in-home about me when rain started)
Mother: She came with a towel and started drying my hair and murmuring, “Stupid rain, couldn’t it wait, till my child came home”.  
                             (Mother blames rain not me)

Inspirational Short Stories

I am Paul Joshua working as a Technical Writer. I love writing small stories which inspires me and an inspiration to many. This is the blog which have many of them which definitely inspires you. Happy Reading Fellas.

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