Presence of Mind

Once there lived a young salesperson who is very intelligent. One day a customer came and asked for ½ kg of butter.
The salesperson said that only 1 kg packs were available in the shop. But the man insisted for ½ kg pack.
So the boy went inside to the manager’s room and said, “An idiot wants to buy ½ kg of butter”. To his surprise, the customer was standing right behind him. So the boy immediately pointed out his finger to the customer and said, “And this gentleman wants to buy another half”.
So the manager cut the butter into equal halves and gave one half to the customer. After the customer left, the manager said, “You have saved your job by being clever enough at the right time. Where do you come from?”
The boy replied, “I came from Brazil, the place where only prostitutes and football players live”.
The manager with anger said, “My wife is from Brazil”.
To this the boy asked with excitement, “Is it? To which team does she belong to?”

Inspirational Short Stories

I am Paul Joshua working as a Technical Writer. I love writing small stories which inspires me and an inspiration to many. This is the blog which have many of them which definitely inspires you. Happy Reading Fellas.