Power of Selfless prayer

Once there lived two friends named Kim and Ray in a place. They both decided to enjoy the vacation on a sea voyage. They traveled very far, unfortunately due to cyclone, the ship was wrecked and only these two survived.
The island was deserted, so they decided to pray to God. After prayer, Kim moved to eastern side of the island and Ray took the opposite side. They decided to meet again after they find something to live.
Kim prayed for food to survive. To his surprise a big fish fell in front of him from the eagle’s mouth. After two days, he prayed for a beautiful girl as he is feeling lonely. Few hours later, another ship was wrecked and a beautiful girl came to the shore as a lone survivor. They both got married and leading a good life.
One month later, they both decided to move to his hometown and prayed for a ship. A ship came and they both were about to enter it. Suddenly, a voice said, “Are you going alone leaving your companion?”
Kim replied to that voice, “I am taking my wife with me. May I know to whom you are referring to?”
The voice said, “I am talking about your friend Ray. I granted all your wishes because of his prayers. He prayed to give whatever you wished, that’s why I given food, wife and ship.”
Kim knelt in awe and said, “Where is Ray? I want to see him now.”
God said, “The man with a golden heart should be with me and he is with me now.”
Kim was completely broken and realized that his friend’s prayers were more powerful. It was because Ray’s prayers were totally selfless.

Inspirational Short Stories

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