Time & Talent

In Delhi, there was a Samosa vendor whose shop is in front of a MNC. As he is expert in preparing Samosa, most of the company employees visits his shop on a regular basis.
One day, a manager came for 2 samosas. While eating them, he complemented the taste of samosa and the way he maintains his hotel. The conversation went for quite some time.
The manager asked a question, “You have good management skills. You are just wasting your talent and skill by maintaining this hotel. Think once, if you were started your career like me in a big company, you might become manager like me”.
The man smiled and said, “Sir, I think my work is far better than your work in terms of quality, maintenance and growth. Do you know why? 10 years back we both started our career. You started your career with 10 times what I was earning, but now I am earning more than what you are getting paid”.
The manager was puzzled and tried to counter attack by saying, “But in society I have good respect than you. My children future is safer than yours”.
The man again smiled and said, “Sir, please listen carefully. We both toiled hard and developed our personal careers. But one day my son will take over my business which I successfully led for all these days. He doesn’t need to start from 0. But in your case, the benefits of your hard work will enjoy by your boss kids, not by your kids. You suffered 10 years to sustain and your son will also go through the same process. Now please tell me who is wasting the talent and time.”
Manger nodded his head positively and gave Rs.50 for Samosas and left.
Source: Reddit.

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