Spend time with your Children

John was a 10-year-old boy. His father owns a Software company and was busy with his stuff. Rarely John used to see his father as he comes late in the night and goes early in the morning. But John had a desire of going out with his father to a beach just like his friends did.
One day, John was surprised seeing his father in home. He ran and jumped on him and sat on his lap.
“It’s a big surprise to me seeing you in home dad,” John Said.
“Yes son, my meeting was cancelled and I’m at home. By the way, I need to catch the flight in next two hours and will return tomorrow noon,” his father replied.
Nick requested his dad to spend with him 10 minutes before he leave the home which his dad accepted with much difficulty. For first two minutes, he sat silently.
On third minute, John asked his father, “Dad, how much you earn in a year?”
“A lot my son,” Father said.
“Are you satisfied with what you are getting?” John asked.
Umm. The father nodded his head positively.
“Dad, can you please tell me, how much you earn in an hour” John asked.
John’s father replied, “It will be around $25/- per hour.”
John ran inside, broke his piggy bank and counted the money and came back to his father.
“Dad, I have $75 in my piggy bank. I thought I had more than this. By taking this $75, can you please spend three hours for me? I want to go beach and have dinner with you tomorrow evening.”
John’s father was in tears. He came to know that relationships are more important than money.

Inspirational Short Stories

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